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Manufacturing processes by in-house R&D scientists and technologists


Raw material sourced from US FDA and EEC approved sources


Effective and high quality products, offered at competitive prices

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Genesis Biolife

Ensuring Wellness before & after Illness "is being pursued by healthcare expert groups like doctors, hospitals, health centers & the common man as well. The age old phenomenon "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - (Hippocrates 460 - 377 B.C. The Father of Modern Medicine) still holds true in the 21st century. Increasing stress, sedentary life style, changing food habits & modernization are resulting in weak bodies with low resistance to impending lifestyle diseases. Preventive healthcare is becoming one of the most important criteria to protect the society from being sick and unproductive

Today Genesis Biolife is an aggressive organization involved in the marketing as well as manufacturing of nutraceutical products. We create an exclusive range of products backed up with international technical know-how for the benefit of the patients. These unique products are marketed & distributed by the fully trained & efficiently managed teams comprising of experienced & skillful professionals in each discipline of marketing, sales & distribution.

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our achievements

288 Doctors
822 patients
244 clinics
624 happy clients

our products

Our Nutraceutical Products
  • Soft Gel Capsule
  • Multi Vitamins
  • Nutrition Supplement
  • Effervescent
  • Chelated Supplement
Our Pharmaceutical Products


  • Analgesic / Anti Inflammatory
  • Anti Diabetic
  • Anti Allergic
  • CNS Drugs
  • Dental

Critical Care Formulations

  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-Viral
  • Immunosuppresant
  • Anti-Cancer / Oncology
  • Drugs used in renal failure
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